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Recovery and wellbeing in Govan — a first  for mmmultitude

 mmmultitude Director John Moody is an experienced Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) facilitator, accredited by the Scottish Recovery Network. His first WRAP workshop for mmmultitude turned  out to be his most amazing.

“I have been using WRAP since 2009; it is a set of tools which anyone recovering from mental or physical health issues can use to make themselves feel better.

WRAP works in small groups with trained facilitators. We have discussions on wellbeing, sharing our personal stories of how WRAP has worked for us, concentrating on what is strong not what is wrong.  A WRAP workshop is uplifting and exciting place where we  discuss how to live well in our own communities.

I find the power of WRAP lies in group members talking about what  they do for their own wellness. Part of our job is to act as ‘peers’ and encourage that sharing.

That is why it works best in local organisations that realise getting people get together to share their knowledge of life, as equals in a comfortable atmosphere, is what helps us keep well.”

This is a very good description of the WRAP workshop I facilitated in partnership with Plantation Productions. They have been running projects in Govan for seventeen years, centred around making jewellery, sewing, painting and filmmaking, singing and many others.  Activities which are healthy for individuals and communities.”

“The ten people who joined me in May had spent time in Plantation’s Creative Steps Programme for positive mental health. They were a joy to work with, so open, honest, insightful and bubbling with ideas on good mental health. Everyone was struggling with big challenges in their lives, but were comfortable in the sharing their experience and in supporting each other.

Gallery 966, Govan Road

Gallery 966, Govan Raod
Gallery 966, Govan Raod

The physical environment is important. We were fortunate to be in the Gallery 966 on Govan Road. Once part of a row or derelict shops now a bright, airy and safe space for our conversations.”

“We are looking forward for future opportunities to work with Plantation.”