Increased anxiety in the public sector

Mind asked 12,000 UK employees about their mental health.

A recent article on the BBC News website reported on a survey of private and public sector employees carried out recently by  UK mental health charity Mind. Though it is unclear how many of these 12,000 employees live in Scotland.

mmultitude Director John Moody commented: “It is interesting that the survey suggests public sector staff are more likely to feel anxious at work and take sick days for their mental health than those in the private sector. This is maybe a sign of how much pressure the public sector is under, with increasing workloads linked to inadequate funding translating into stress and poor wellbeing for staff from social workers through to police and emergency staff.”

Mind found 15% of public sector workers – of which there are 5.4 million in the UK – said their mental health was poor, compared with 9% in private sector.

Among public sector workers, 53% said they have felt anxious at work on several occasions over the last month, compared with 43% of their private sector counterparts.

But the research suggested public sector workers were more likely to speak up if they were suffering mental health problems.

Of those with a mental health problem, 90% of public sector staff disclosed it to their employer, compared with 80% in the private sector.

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