Lived experience of positive mental health can boost your business

Worried man

The wellbeing of their workers has to become the priority of all businesses. It makes sense morally and financially.
If people come to work in the morning already stressed, depressed and anxious then expecting them to do more, to work harder for the same amount money is a recipe for increased stress, lower productivity, absenteeism and illness.

Huge costs

Research suggests that overall cost of stress, anxiety and depression to British employers is over a thousand pounds per employee per year; coronary heart disease — an indicator of long-term stress — can cost employers £200 per employee per year.

Personal experience of personal health problems

Of course, the complex nature of work-related stress makes addressing it a real challenge. The benefits of a wellbeing organisation are equally huge.
Geoff McDonald, a motivational speaker with 25 years of experience in Human Resources with large corporations, will be exploring the benefits of enhancing employee wellbeing at this years IOSH conference in Birmingham.
Geoff brings his own experience to this task. Personal experience of mental health problems drove Geoff to want to break the stigma around it in workplaces and ensure people receive the support they require. This is an approach that mmmultitude would heartily endorse.
Mmmultitude Director John Moody commented: “The role of champions who have personal experience of mental health problems, but who also have credibility in the field they are working is invaluable. These are people who can ‘walk the walk’. This is much more likely to persuade hard-headed business people that the organisational changes necessary for a mentally healthy workplace are worth the pain and can benefit the Bottom line.”