Resolving stress at work in 2018

Making and breaking new year resolutions is often a joke. We resolve to do things that will make us feel better in the coming year such as going to the gym and give up habits like drinking too much that makes us feel worse.

Yet the figures don’t lie. In that heady alcoholic glow of the first seconds of the new year, a third of us make New Year’s resolution. Yeah, it’s a new beginning. One which 43% of us give up on in the first month, and by March an astonishing 80% have abandoned the resolution.

Which is sad, as changing our behaviours may not reduce our stress at home and work, but they can help us cope with the pressure.

The Stress Management Society commented on these depressing statistics with some simple suggestions on achieving your 2018 goals:

  • make only one resolution
  • base the goal on something you’re passionate about not what somebody else thinks you should do.
  • Make a plan

To help with the last idea they produced a handy little guide listing seven steps for accomplishing your goal:  AchievementPlan2018Final

As you would expect the Internet is deluged with helpful advice in this area. To save you the time of searching we’ve checked a few out for you:

  1. This one is a blog bang up to date posted almost before the New Year’s celebrations ended with some useful and one or two oddball tips, including to eat more broccoli. New Year’s resolutions for better mental health
  2. Some interesting advice which includes Feng Shui for the office and having walking meetings in the open air
    8 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Boost Workplace Productivity
  3. Finally another eight down-to-earth suggestions for employees in 2018
    8 New Year Resolutions Every Employee Should Have For 2018!

One of the simplest resolutions you could make is to get in touch with mmmultitude. We can help you with sorting out your companies health and safety, quality or environmental issues. We can also help you deliver a stress management course to your staff.

Give us a ring for a consultation.

Have a happy and stress reduced new year!