Workplace Wellness Recovery/Resilience Action Planning (WRAP)

Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness Recovery/Resilience Action Planning (WRAP)

Workplace Wellness Recovery/Resilience Action Planning

Wellbeing at work is the new buzz word.

Unfortunately for many people good Mental Health in the workplace is replaced by stress which can lead to anxiety and depression.

1 in 6 workers are dealing with a mental health challenge

Various surveys over the last few years have quoted this statistic. Indeed, the problem is probably much worse. stress and mental ill health are among the top five causes of short-term absence from work.

Stress prevents people from performing at their best, which is why establishing mentally healthy workplaces is becoming a priority on many people’s to do lists.

As managers, you will be doing all that you can to make sure that the work environment is positive and that your workforce is resilient. However, in these challenging economic times there is only so much you can do to protect your workforce.

Mmmultitude can help with a simple package that can teach people what they can do themselves to keep well and protect their own mental health.

Workplace Wellness Recovery/Resilience Action Planning

WRAP is a simple set of self-management tools, based around the idea of a WELLNESS TOOLBOX. It can help you to take more control of your life and wellbeing. It helps you to learn more about yourself, which can then help you make plans to cope with difficult situations and regain your control. WRAP includes:

• A Daily Maintenance Plan – which helps you explore and understand what you are like when you are feeling well and plan to keep yourself on ‘an even keel’ from day to day.

• Identifying your Triggers – the things outside yourself that can make you feel stressed and even unwell and how you can plan to manage those triggers.

•Identifying your Early Warning Signs with a plan to manage these internal feelings and thoughts.

• Signs that things are Breaking Down – with a direct and simple action plan to stop yourself becoming ill.

• Crisis Planning – how to draw up a plan for what your family and supporters can do if you are feeling too unwell to look after yourself. A plan written when you’re feeling well for the times when you are unwell

• Post-Crisis Planning – drawing up a plan for when a crisis is coming to an end and you begin to get back into your daily life and you can get back to using your Daily Maintenance Plan.

Workplace Wellness Recovery/Resilience Action Planning

WRAP is delivered as a workshop by trained and experienced facilitator/s.

Download our free e-book and find out about WRAP and mmmultitude.

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